CryptoSeal Connect

CryptoSeal Connect

CryptoSeal Connect creates virtual private networks as a service. There's no on-premises hardware required, it works with a wide variety of desktop and mobile clients, and it ties into cloud hosting.

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Why use a VPN such as CryptoSeal Connect?

Whenever you connect to Internet servers using public wifi or other insecure networks, it's easy for people to monitor your traffic. If you're just browsing the news, no big deal, but if you are accessing and managing sensitive business servers, . SSL and ssh can help, but all it takes is one unencrypted connection to a network service for someone to steal passwords or other authenticatiovn credentials. Just monitoring your traffic may reveal business information about you or your clients which you may have a legal duty to protect.

If you travel internationally, or are involved in a high profile business or profession, you may be a target of directed attacks. Plus, do you really want every Internet service you use to know your location (based on IP) when you connect from any network?

VPNs also allow you to take sensitive servers entirely off the public Internet. Why should anyone who can steal a password have full access to your source code, or your internal accounting data, or an in-house mail server? A VPN also allows you to give limited access to contractors or vendors, managing it centrally, and is a "belt and suspenders" security solution in case a service is misconfigured, a user has weak passwords, or or a new vulnerability is found.

When not to use CryptoSeal Connect?

CryptoSeal Connect is not designed as a BitTorrent or other file-sharing VPN, and is not designed to give you anonymity against the legal system. We fully comply with all warrants and subpoenas, and are located in the United States. We suggest using systems such as the Tor Project for anonymity requirements.

While we support users who want to bypass national firewalls or other restrictions on free speech, our system is not designed specifically for this use. Some restrictive national firewalls may block our IPs, restricting your access to the VPN.

VPN as a service

Business VPNs have traditionally required on-premises hardware. This made a lot of sense when users wanted to connect back to a physical office for enterprise IT use, but doesn't work as well when your servers are in the cloud, your office is on a slow DSL or cablemodem link, and your users work from around the world. VPN appliances also require network administrators to configure and support.

There are other VPNs designed for file sharers and people bypassing national firewalls, mainly based in offshore locations. These are intended for individuals, and do protect you from other users on a coffeeshop wifi network, but aren't designed for group management, and there's no way to know if the people operating the service are monitoring your traffic, and little recourse if anything goes wrong.

We provide business VPN as a service -- designed for groups of users, both for general Internet traffic and connecting to a variety of business servers and cloud services. When combined with sensible firewall policies, VPN as a service can improve the security of internal and administrative applications by restricting access only to authorized VPN users.

No on-premises hardware required

Unlike traditional appliance-based VPNs, we don't require any special network hardware at your site. In fact, we support smartphones and tablets (Apple iOS and Google Android) on cellular or wifi networks, as well as laptops and desktops running Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux/BSD.

Our CryptoSeal Connect Enterprise service supports on-site hardware to bring your entire LAN onto the VPN.

Many clients supported

We deploy desktop client software which is fully supported on Windows and Mac OSX, and works on Linux, FreeBSD, and most operating systems which support Java.

We deploy mobile client software which is fully supported on Apple iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad, as well as Google's Android phones and tablets.

Direct links to cloud hosting providers

Most new software-as-a-service applications are being deployed at cloud hosting providers. CryptoSeal Connect provides direct tunnels into Amazon Web Services (AWS), and we're adding links to more providers as we expand (ask us if you have a specific cloud or colocation/hosting provider you need).

Easy to manage

CryptoSeal Connect is designed for groups. Group administrators can manage all users in a group -- authorizing accounts, locking or unlocking access, and verifying status. We do central billing so individual users don't need to expense a monthly service.

Security is our top priority

Our team has decades of experience in the computer security industry, and we use well tested network security hardware to power our network. Our equipment is colocated in private, locked cages in high security datacenters, with fully redundant power, network, and cooling.


CryptoSeal Connect is $99 per month for up to 5 users. Additional packs of 5 users are available for $99/mo. Sign up for CryptoSeal Connect beta at

CryptoSeal Connect Enterprise is customized to your requirements: dedicated IP address ranges, large numbers of users, intrusion detection, and client scans. For more information about CryptoSeal Connect Enterprise, please contact [email protected] so we can discuss your exact requirements.